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What Is StreetPrint?

StreetPrint is a patented proprietary technology and application process that produces realistic brick, slate, stone or other design effects on an asphalt base.

StreetPrint combines the flexibility and strength of asphalt with leading-edge coating technologies. The result is a cost-effective, durable surface with low maintenance requirements.

From elegant slate to intricate hand-laid pavers.  StreetPrint can cost effectively reproduce whatever architectural design or decorative accent that compliments your home. For new construction, renovation or upgrading, choose form one of the StreetPrint standard colors or create your own custom color.  Colors can be rejuvenated or changed.


All the advantages of classic StreetPrint with high-traffic durability

  • Fast Installation

  • Minimal Traffic Disruption

  • Skid/Slip Resistant

  • Smooth Pedestrian Friendly Surface


What Is DuraTherm?

DuraTherm’s uniquely formulated thermoplastic material is inlaid into imprinted asphalt. Installing the thermoplastic slightly below the asphalt surface makes it extremely resistant to wear caused by traffic and snowplows. Fast installation means minimal disruption and street closures.

DuraTherm is ideal for heavy vehicular traffic areas that require durability under adverse conditions. Other decorative crosswalk options such as brick or stone will shift and buckle over time. DuraTherm holds its own.

With DuraTherm you can:

  • provide safer streetscapes with reflective, slip-free surfaces
  • quickly and easily install decorative and durable pavement surfaces suitable for all climates
  • create attractive and customized pedestrian crosswalks and intersections.



LogoTherm – for High-Definition Graphics on Asphalt Surfaces

Your LogoTherm image will look good all year round — from hot, dry or humid summers to cold, wet or icy winters. LogoTherm survives exposure to de-icing salts and offers great visibility even in low-light conditions.


  • provides a safe, skid- and slip-resistant surface

  • installs quickly with minimal traffic or business disruptions

  • is durable and easy to maintain.


CJ Asphalt Paving is a certified applicator of:

StreetPrint / StreePrintXD  / DuroTherm / LogoTherm

With years of experience, we can turn an ordinary asphalt patio, walkway or driveway into a work of art.

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